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Lookin' For A Mountain Part II

Here is the second installment of my new on-going comic, Lookin' For A Mountain. I'm still not positive that I'm sticking with that title, but I haven't spent a single minute thinking of alternatives.

If you missed the first part of this comic, you can find it here. I recommend you go check it out in order to understand where this one is coming from. Seriously... go look really quickly.

Ok, did you read it? Then you now know this comic is about a guy, kinda sorta me -except with hair, who finally moves to the country in order to escape the busy and loud city life only to be stalked by a mean skyscraper, who is clearly a symbol of the ever expanding city that is currently enveloping my real life, thus fueling the need for me to write this comic as a way of dealing with the suffocation in as healthy a manner as I can possibly muster because said expansion is actually MAKING ME SO ANGRY!!! Whew! I feel better.

You got all that, right? Ok then, off to the second comic of the series, which I finished drawing last night. Oh, and the song credit in the first panel goes to Merle Haggard. Big City is one of my favorite songs about leaving a city.

Wow... I just realized that I changed his shirt color in panel two. Oh well. haha

a comic man is unloading a moaving van and singing merle haggard as a skyscraper spies on him

a comic country man has a skyscraper stalking him and pointing a finger gun at the back of his head

a comic word bubble yellow and jagged with huge red letters saying bang like a gunshot

comic man is scared and hides in a moving box unsure of what happened

final comic panel is a wide shot showing the skyscraper is gone and the comic guy has no idea what that noise was

Thanks for reading,

Derrick G. Wood

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