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Inside the Head of a Man; A Comic

Just a quick little paragraph about what happens inside the head of a man:

Contrary to popular opinion, men do think with their brains. Unfortunately, those brains can tell us some awfully weird things. For one, it can tell us that every woman who even looks at us without vomiting must be interested in us. We're not proud. We don't ask for these thoughts. They just pop in there. The trick is to not act upon these impulses. That's really what sets men apart from your everyday creep.

So, to illustrate this point -literally- I've drawn a guy who looks mysteriously like myself at a drive through for a coffee shop. The rather pretty (If I do say so myself) young lady who works there is just trying to do her job. I, uh.. I mean the guy in the comic, is just trying to order coffee without being a weirdo. But, that little voice inside his head... well, read on to see how this works out for everyone:

a man at a coffee shop is instantly attracted to the lady who works there but he doesn't want to be a creep he just wants a cup of coffee

the voice inside a mans head at the coffee shop lies and says the barista likes him

the inside voice continues to terrorize a man at a coffee shop and wants him to be inappropriate to a barista

the man with a mean voice in his head finally explodes at it but it seems he is yelling at the innocent barista

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