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Elon Musk At The Doctor - A Comic

If you picture Elon Musk at the doctor, what comes to mind? Well, I asked a few friends and some fellow comic creators for their responses. Here they are:

My friend, Revell, said, "Is he getting bionic legs or trying to live forever like a vampire?"

Another friend, Julie Curtiss, says, "My brain pictures a political satire kind of drawing. Him sitting with a shaman or something , no tech stuff. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

Cartoonist and stand-up comedian, Dave Hussell, had this eloquent answer: "He has crypto currency stuck up his nose or butt." Well, there's a nice visual, Dave. Although.... crypto currency isn't tangible, so I'm wondering how that works.

Brian Ponshock, prolific cartoonist, had thoughts: "I picture Dr. Frankenstein popping the top of his head off and looking around inside...Maybe have little Tesla symbols as sutures...Or Dr Frankenstein is saying something to himself like, "I knew I should have lowered his ego." 😂" In true cartoonist fashion, this answer came over three separate text messages as he continued to think about this question and crack himself (and me) up. I love it!

My friend, [CENSORED], had a response that I won't put on my website since I try to keep it PG around here. But it involved implanting a tracking device into his... uh, private parts... never mind.

So, now that you see the kind of friends that I keep, I have one more answer. For the first time in my life, I used AI and, when I asked it the question, it generated this super boring, yet SEO efficient, answer: "Elon Musk, CEO of various companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, visited the doctor for a routine check-up. During his appointment, he expressed his concerns about the mental health challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Musk admitted that running multiple businesses and constantly pushing boundaries can be mentally exhausting. The doctor advised him to prioritize his well-being and find ways to reduce stress in his daily routine. Musk agreed to take a step back and make self-care a priority. He left the clinic feeling reassured that he was on the right path to maintaining good health while pursuing his dreams."

Well, this is what I think of when I see multi, multi-billionaire Elon Musk visiting the doctor:

Elon Musk comic about him going to the doctor and saying I feel like a million bucks cartoon by derrick g wood black and white with wash

Poor Elon. Feeling like only a million bucks must be rough on him. It should be noted that this is not me hating on him like so many people like to do. I can respect someone who achieves so much in life, even if I don't agree with everything that they do.

This Elon Musk comic is an updated version of a Bill Gates comics that I drew a decade or so ago. I thought about making this new comic about Jeff Bezos, but, once I realized that Elon Musk was the obvious choice, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

bill gates comic by derrick g wood where he says he feels like a million bucks

Thanks for looking. You can see more of my comics HERE.

-Derrick G. Wood

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