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Art That Didn't Make This Website

Updated: Mar 19

A co-worker, and fellow artist, was nice enough to check out this brand new website (Thank you, Bailey!). She told me that she had no idea I had created so much. That made me laugh and I told her, “What you saw were just the ones I liked enough to post, but I chose from well over 1,000 creations and only put my favorites.”

So, I thought I’d occasionally add a few things from my art life that didn’t make the main page.

Tribal native man with pink balloon earring and an african inspired shirt

I did a small series of a few faces with similar color schemes, but this was by far my favorite. Why are his earrings attached to pretty pink balloons you may wonder. Yeah, I wonder that too. If I ever find out, I'll let you know. But, in a world where people do some pretty weird things with their piercings, I'm surprised this isn't something I have actually seen before.

A weird tribal inspired Procreate digital art of Bart Simpson by Derrick G Wood

I am old enough to remember when Bart Simpson was first released into the world. I was an instant fan so it's no surprise that he made it into my weird world of art.

I was pretty new to Procreate when this was drawn and I was basically using it to experiment. But, I ended up actually thinking it was pretty cool to look at.

A self portrait by derrick g wood digital painting on procreate ipad app

I believe I digitally painted this one while I was at my work desk. I was looking through my window at the beautiful rain and was wishing I were outside playing in it.

There's something so special about a rainstorm. It is more than just something that makes me happy... it's deeper than that. It's like an ancestral pull takes place inside of my soul.

"I'm only happy when it rains."

-Shirley Manson

Thanks for looking. I'll add more "Art That Didn't Make This Website" again soon.

-Derrick G. Wood

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