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Apparently I have Twitter accounts - and more!

I'll be the first to admit that I have a bad memory, but how can I open so many accounts and stores online and my memory of it is from fuzzy all the way down to completely non-existant?

I vaguely remember opening a Twitter account at some point, but apparently I have two of them. I think the reason that I don't really remember it, despite having lots of Tweets, is that I had another app that would autopost everything from my blog or my Facebook (Which I no longer have) to my Twitter. So I was a very passive user. I was just trying to get as people to follow my art as possible at the time. And, now that I've logged in, I see that nobody paid attention. So, at least I wasn't the only one not looking at my Twitters.

One great thing about these Twitter accounts is that they let me narrow down the dates and order of a lot of my arts. Which is information that I've lost over the years.

Derrick G. Wood Twitter Rogue Symmetry Twitter

Here are some other accounts that I discovered when I searched my name online: - I tried to get into this account to delete it and Facebook asked me to send a photo of my driver's license as proof that it's me. You've got to be kidding me, Facebook guy whose name I am forgetting at the moment. UPDATE (Five minutes later): Something Zuckergberg. Matt? MARK! That's it. Just remembered. All hail me. (Link no longer active because I cancelled this upon discovering the account. I found Pinterest to be annoying in many ways) - I have no idea what this is and no memory of signing up, looking at my sales record (0), I wasn't exactly missing anything. My member profile says I signed up back in 2014. - This is a Youtube account that comes from my hot sauce review days. It's basically me eating lot of hot chiles and trying to speak while I felt like I was dying. I don't have access to this account any longer, so I can't do anything with it, but the videos are still here for all to enjoy and laugh at.

I used to hate the idea of posting anything I created online, but trepidatiously started doing it around 2012. It was on a now debunk comic website called Sherpa. I 'met' lots of other wonderful cartoonists on there and have a few friends remaining from those days. Unfortunately, Sherpa stopped being a thing and all the amazing comments and back and forth conversations between creators and readers have completely gone.

One of the cartoonists who I 'met' was a gentleman who went by, TAME. He was extremely motivated and a big supporter of my -and other Sherpans' - comics. He developed a website where we could really let loose and display all the art that we wanted, without the constraints of Sherpa. I was just transitioning out of cartooning at the time and didn't utilize it as much as he had hoped that I would, but I'll always be grateful to him for all the work he put into it.

Now, my favorites of the sites that popped up when Googling myself -and the ones I remember since I worked so hard on them and used them a great deal - are my old Blogger sites. They are a great source of lots of art that I haven't posted on this website.


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