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Lookin' For A Mountain (Tentative Title)

Updated: Oct 13


I moved outside of the suburbs and away from the city (Phoenix area) about fifteen years ago. Well, it wasn't far enough away because the city life has barged it's way out into the rural areas of my home and completely overrun me. Now, I can complain about it - which does nothing- or I can try to turn my anger into something better for myself. So...well, let's be honest, I complain about. BUT, I am ALSO going to try and turn my anger into something better for myself by drawing out this little comic. It's about a guy who moves to the country but is constantly stalked by the city, played by a few smog laden skyscrapers. I don't know exactly where this new comic is going -I don't even know if it will be more than what you see here- but this is where my mind is with cartooning right now and thought I'd share. Here it is (push the arrow on the right to go to the next panel [there are four in total]):

I am still shopping around names for this comic, but so far I like "Lookin' For A Mountain" based on the Hank3 song of the same title.

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