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A Funny Comic About Death

It may sound weird to even say the words, "A Funny Comic About Death," but hear me out. I was asked to create a monster related comic by a local artist for a comic book. Developing a little four panel toon for a "Monster" comic wasn't actually that easy for me. I tried a lot of different things, but they ended up just being a bit too weird and/or dark for me. So, I landed on this one about a guy calling the Grim Reaper to order his own death. Unfortunately for this guy, the Reaper wasn't too agreeable and kept telling this guy that all the monsters he keeps mentioning are fictional. Add in a little Coast to Coast AM dig and the oddly placed hold music, and you have my idea of a monster comic. That being said, I wasn't requested to keep on making monster related comics for the local artist, so I think it was a failure in that respect. Thankfully, I still found this comic to be really funny, so I'm happy. I thought Halloween month would be a good time to place this 2022 comic here. Thanks for looking.

Comic man calls the Grim Reaper to order his own death and is told vampires aren't real

a comic man talking to grim reaper on the phone is told vampires and ghosts are not real

panel three of this comic where grim reaper tells the man that ghosts are not real

the last panel of this comic where the grim reaper tells the man that he is a spectral entity and then hangs up on the man

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